The B.T.R.C. Vinyl Starter Pack

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The perfect gift for any music fan in your life.  Your starter pack comes complete with the following:

  • Your B.T.R.C. Vinyl Starter Pack comes with three vinyl records in the style of your choice. Your B.T.R.C. Vinyl Starter Pack will come with three PREVIOUS Record of the Month albums curated by the staff of B.T.R.C. in the style you choose. To help decide the style you want, simply click on the drop down menu for "Records of The Month". This will give you an idea of the type of vinyl you will receive.
  • T-shirt
  • 12"x12" Tweed/Canvas Messenger Bag with standard adjustable strap. Holds up to 10 records.
  • Sticker

How It Works:

  1. Choose your music preference.
  2. Choose a shirt size.
  3. This is not a membership - nothing else will be billed to you.