What is Blind Tiger Record Club?

We are a vinyl record subscription box service. All of our vinyl are new/sealed, full-length, 12" records from new releases and reissues. All the curated titles are released within the last 45 to 60 days. Many are double albums, 180 gram, and in some cases, color-variant and hard-to-find imports. Some are even autographed or come with special incentives like stickers, posters, prints, or artist specific items.
We post each month's curated choice on our home page. You'll also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. No surprises, no music you don't like, no accidental duplicates. You'll always know what you're getting ahead of time. 
Our vinyl is not exclusive to our club, but having a membership secures a copy that might be extremely limited or backordered at the time of its release. It's the best way to make sure you get a copy and we work to make the club copies as special as possible.

How does it work?

  • Choose your plan: Monthly, 3 Month Prepaid, 6 Month Prepaid or 12-Month Prepaid.
  • Select your favorite music style. Pick from Roots, Mainstream, Motown, or Classics.
  • Subscribe by the 25th of the month and we will ship your first box by the end of the month.
  • After subscribing, create your BTRC Member Account, where you can log in and switch your music style any time up to the 25th. Your vinyl. Your choice. *Note: You can not switch styles your first month, so if you decide to change your initial pick, email vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com
  • Each month we will handpick your vinyl, pack it with bonus items throughout the year, and ship it to your door. Ship dates and delivery may vary.


What's in my Vinyl Subscription Box?

In your Vinyl Subscription Box, you will receive your curated vinyl as well as bonus swag throughout the year. 


What comes with my membership?

CHOICE! Currently, B.T.R.C. offers four style preferences you can choose from for your monthly Vinyl Subscription Box.
Emails detailing each Record of the Month to help you make your selection.
Bonus items throughout the year.


What if I already have this month's album?

Don't worry; YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Just log into your Member Account, and change your music style by the 25th of the month. 


How do I change my Music Preference?
Switching Genres

Your Music Preference (Roots, Mainstream, Motown, or Classics) is a "variant" in your account's member area.

Follow these steps to view and change your Music Preference.

  1. First you need to login to your account.
    NOTE:  If you are unable to login, you may need to activate your account. Please see the ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT email that was sent to you when you placed your first order.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the "Manage Your Subscriptions" button on the dropdown menu under "My Account."
  3. From here you should be able to see all of your active subscriptions. To continue with changing your record for the month, expand the "Products in Your Subscription" section.
  4. Click the button on the right that says "Swap Product".
  5.  The Section should expand with a dropdown menu for you to change your style. Choose the style of the record you want to swap to and confirm with the "Swap Product" button on the right.


How to Gift Subscriptions

If you purchase a Gift Subscription, simply send us the name and email address of your Gift Recipient at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com and we will update your Member Account accordingly. Your Gift Recipient will then be able to use their email address to login to the Member Account. Any questions? Email us at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com.


Is any of the vintage vinyl used? 

All our vinyl is new, factory sealed, and comes with an unconditional guarantee. No warped or used copies are ever sent. These are wall frame and/or turntable ready.

When is the cutoff date?

The cutoff date is midnight, the 25th of each month.

Why do you have a cut-off date?

The cut-off date is necessary so we can ensure all members get their selected Curated Record of the Month. 

When will you ship my Vinyl Subscription Box?

We ship at the end of each month. Once shipped, domestic orders typically take 2-5 days depending on your location.

What if I sign up after the cut-off date?

You'll get the next month's Vinyl Subscription Box if you order after the 25th of the month. 
For example:
If you sign up on March 8th, your first vinyl subscription box will ship on or around March 25th.
If you sign up on March 28th, your first vinyl subscription box will ship in April, around the end of the month.  If you showed up to the party late and really want the vinyl subscription box from the previous period, just email us.  If we have the stock, we will do our best to get you the previous box.

Can I switch my Music Preference whenever I want?

Absolutely! You can do this any time by logging into your Member Account, and changing your preferences by following the instructions above.
If you make the change prior to monthly order being processed through our system, your vinyl box will include your new music style selection in the same month. If it's made after the 25th of any given month, the change will be included in your next month's box.

What if I want to order more than one Vinyl Subscription Box?

No problem. Just purchase another subscription with your same account!

What if I don't like a particular album that I receive?

We do not accept returns, but give you the choice of music styles. You will have plenty of resources to help you make your decisions, including our For The Record Blog, and our Podcast. You can also Pause your subscription or skip an upcoming order on your manage subscription page for your account.

How do I update my shipping or billing information?

Log into your Member Account to easily update your account information. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is always FREE for B.T.R.C. Members. Regular shipping fees apply to other purchases from the BTRC Record Store, unless added to your upcoming Vinyl Subscription Box.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes! We ship internationally (some countries may be excluded).

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. 

Why was my card charged a 2 times before I received this month's box?

Never fear—no funny business here. Cards are charged every 30 days.  If you purchased after the 25th of the month, your box will not go out till the following month. So cards do sometimes get charged days before your first box goes out to you. 
For Example: 
You place your order on March 26th (after the cut-off of the 25th). Your first box will ship towards the end of April. Your card will be charged on March 26th for your first box and again 30 days later on April 26th for your second box (even though you might not get your first box till right after the 1st of May).

When will my card be charged?

When you sign up, you are agreeing to a monthly fee that is taken out the same time every month or around 30 days later. Your card will be charged on the 26th of each month.

Why Can't I Access Some Areas of the Website?

You will receive a separate email from us asking you to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. To access your tracking information as well as other features of our site such as member only areas you will need to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT even if you already set up an account at checkout.
If you can not locate your Activation Email, please contact us at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com and we will resend it to you.
You may use PayPal to purchase vinyl from our store. But you can not use Paypal to subscribe to a plan. You must use a credit card to subscribe.

Cancellation Policy

Store Orders

Orders placed in the store are processed shortly after the order is placed and your credit card is immediately charged. If an order is scheduled to ship at a future date (with a ROTM), there is no shipping charged. We can adjust orders (adding product or changing shipping options) up until they’ve been processed for shipment. If you selected a paid shipping option, it’s possible the order has already been processed and is unable to be canceled. 

Once an order has been processed for shipment or the credit card has been charged, we’re unable to cancel the order. Email us at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com and we’ll do our best to help you.

Damage Policy

We put a lot of pride into our products and your experience with the Blind Tiger Record Club. We hope you don’t have issues with your products, but there may be a time when you receive a package that has been damaged. Here are the most common types of damages and our general process for handling them.

Most common issues

Issues affecting sound quality or playback including:

  • Scratches or scuffs that cause skipping
  • Excessive noise, whooshes, or pops
  • Significant warpage
  • Locked grooves that prevent the needle from advancing beyond a certain point

We prioritize these issues and will send replacements when necessary if we have remaining inventory in stock

Some of these things are normal and are not considered to be damaged. If you are ever unsure, please email us and we’ll help determine what’s normal and what’s not.

Cosmetic issues including:

  • Seam splits (on the jackets or internal sleeves)
  • Dinged or bent corners
  • Miscellaneous print defects and other imperfections

While a bummer to get things with minor cosmetic damages, we generally do not replace for these types of issues (unless it is severe).

How we approach replacements

Most everything we stock is limited in quantity so we, unfortunately, are unable to replace everything.

Generally speaking, we will replace things when the playback is impacted, or if cosmetic damage is severe (meaning, if something is crushed or damaged in multiple places).

Request a replacement

If you receive something that is damaged and would like to request a replacement, please submit a replacement request to: vinyl@blindtigerecordclub.com

Once received, we will review and get back to you with next steps.

Return Policy

Sometimes you might receive a record that is not to your liking (outside of damages). While we hope that you can give the album a couple of listens before making your verdict, we, unfortunately, do not accept returns on any of our records. This is due to return shipping cost and to avoid damages on the return trip, along with a couple of quality control reasons.


Canceling Your Subscription

Although we would love to keep you as a customer for life, we understand that situations may arise where you may need to cancel your subscription. By signing up you are agreeing to pay the prepaid subscription cost and understand that cards can not be refunded once charged. All subscriptions automatically renew.
Subscriptions may be canceled once you have completed your prepaid term. We unfortunately can not refund cards that have already been billed. This includes charges for prepaid upcoming months. We also can not refund money for returned product.
We do not offer prorated refunds for mid-term cancellations. We want your Blind Tiger Record Club experience to rock, so if anything is not working for you with your membership, email us and we will do everything we can to make the remainder of your subscription great.
Please note: Contact us by email at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com if you have any questions about cancelling!
  1. Login to your account.
  2. On the My Account page, click on Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Click on the bottom tab "Cancel Subscription" and the cancel subscription button will appear. Note: If you are going to cancel, do so after you have received your final order from your current term. 
Cancelling Gift Subscriptions
Gift Subscriptions DO NOT auto renew.  In all other ways, it functions like a regular subscription.  Since the account is 100% prepaid and has no auto renew, there should never be anything to cancel.  If you need to make changes to a gift subscription, email vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com.  

Terms of Purchase

By signing up you are agreeing to pay the prepaid subscription cost and understand that cards can not be refunded once charged. 
If for whatever reason your card cannot be charged, you are not released from your obligation to pay. If we are unable to bill your card we make take other measures to secure payment. Only by canceling your account through your customer portal or by contacting us at vinyl@blindtigerrecordclub.com will constitute cancellation of service.