The Twenty One Pilots Collector's Series

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We've bundled the three most recent Twenty One Pilots releases together in one awesome bundle!  The albums were released on Fueled By Ramen Records beginning with Vessel in 2013, and followed by the 3x Platinum Blurryface, released May 17th, 2015. Their latest, Trench, which arrived October 5th, 2018, has already sold over 135,000 records in the US alone! This bundle features a clear vinyl pressing of Vessel, the standard black double LP Blurryface, and a double vinyl pressing of Trench in olive-green.

Included in the Collector's Series:


  • Ltd. Ed. clear vinyl
VESSEL is a complex collection of songs that shows why Twenty One Pilots are the latest addition to Fueled By Ramen's extremely selective roster. The band entered a real studio for the first time ever with Grammy nominated producer Greg Wells (Weezer, Adele) to craft an album which merges elements of hip-hop, indie rock and punk in a way that's so seamless, you'll be rapping along one minute and caught up in a lush orchestral line the next.


  1. Ode to Sleep
  2. Holding on to You
  3. Migraine
  4. House of Gold
  5. Car Radio
  6. Semi-Automatic
  7. Screen
  8. The Run and Go
  9. Fake You Out
  10. Guns for Hands
  11. Trees
  12. Truce


  • Limited vinyl LP pressing
  • Digital download

Blurryface is the much anticipated second studio album from Twenty One Pilots. On the follow up to their highly successful debut Vessel, the band worked with famed producers Mike Elizondo, Mike Crossey, Tim Anderson and Ricky Reed to craft a genre-bending collection of dynamic and diverse songs.


  1. Heavydirtysoul
  2. Stressed Out
  3. Ride
  4. Fairly Local
  5. Tear in My Heart
  6. The Judge
  7. Lane Boy
  8. Polarize
  9. Message Man
  10. Not Today
  11. Doubt
  12. We Don't Believe What's on TV
  13. Hometown
  14. Goner


  • Olive Green (Olive Green)
  • Double Vinyl Record
  • Gatefold LP Jacket
  • Digital Download Included

Twenty One Pilots shook the world with the release of their 2015 LP BLURRYFACE, an album that would go on to sell over 7 million copies worldwide and earn the band their first ever GRAMMYå¨ Award as they shattered longstanding chart records, and captivated audiences worldwide on sold-out arena runs and at international festivals. Now three years later, the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have returned to write the next chapter of their story with TRENCH, the band's highly anticipated new studio album. TRENCH finds Twenty One Pilots fearlessly reimagining the possibilities of their music through the same candid expression and genuine identity that helped to cement their place as one of the largest bands in the world.


- Disc 1 -
  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Levitate
  3. Morph
  4. My Blood
- Disc 2 -
  1. Chlorine
  2. Smithereens
  3. Neon Gravestones
- Disc 3 -
  1. The Hype
  2. Nico and the Niners
  3. Cut My Lip
  4. Bandito
- Disc 4 -
  1. Pet Cheetah
  2. Legend
  3. Leave the City