Stu Larsen - Resolute

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Australian singer-songwriter Stu LarsenåÊfollows up his 2014 album Vagabond with Resolute, 10 tracks about searching, traveling and hoping. All three of the subjects get their attention throughout the album, with the full troika coming together most overtly on the easygoing "Chicago Song" ("I've been looking for a girl like you to come and travel with a boy like me"), which, like the rest of the album, delivers a full but not overstuffed sound, with Larsen's vocals always in the spotlight. Larsen has an extensive world touråÊbooked through November.


  1. Aeroplanes
  2. What's a Boy to Do
  3. Chicago Song
  4. I Will Be Happy and Hopefully You Will Be Too
  5. Going Back to Bowenville
  6. What If
  7. Far from Me
  8. By the River
  9. The Straight Line
  10. Till the Sun Comes Back