Story of the Year - Page Avenue

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Story of the Year, from St. Louis, MO, become Midwest musical sensations with the release of their breakout 2003 debut album Page Avenue. Named after a stretch of road in their hometown, the near-platinum certified Maverick Records effort was produced by Goldfinger guitarist John Feldmann and spurred on by the spirited hit singles and videos "Until The Day I Die" and "Anthem of Our Dying Day." The band's hyper dynamic live shows and straightforward approach to living their musical dream earned them punk rock accolades far and wide.


  1. And The Hero Will Drown
  2. Until The Day I Die
  3. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
  4. In The Shadows
  5. Dive Right In
  6. Swallow The Knife
  7. Burning Years
  8. Page Avenue
  9. Sidewalks
  10. Divide And Conquer
  11. Razorblades
  12. Falling Down