Sting and Shaggy - 44/ 876

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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release, a collaboration between former Police frontman and solo superstar Sting and Jamaican singer/songwriter Shaggy. The island-influenced album reflects their mutual love of Jamaica - it's music, the spirit of it's people and vibrancy of it's culture. Sting and Shaggy wrote and jammed together for a few weeks in New York City, creating music that seamlessly blends Caribbean rhythms-in traditional and modern styles-with pop craftsmanship and rock energy. In the United Kingdom, 44/876 debuted at number nine on the UK Albums Chart. It is Sting's first Top 10 album since Sacred Love (2003), and Shaggy's first since Hot Shot (2001).


-åÊSideåÊA -
  1. 44/876
  2. Morning Is Coming
  3. Waiting for the Break of Day
  4. Gotta Get Back My Baby
  5. Don't Make Mem Wait
  6. Just One Lifetime
  7. 22nd Street
-åÊSideåÊB -
  1. Dreaming in the U S a
  2. Crooked Tree
  3. To Love and Be Loved
  4. Sad Trombone
  5. Night Shift