Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf Live

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In 1970, Steppenwolf hit a major home run with their double live album Steppenwolf Live. The extensive live concert album consisted of their hard rocking 60's hits, popular album tracks, along with artist and fan favorites, performed live during their amazing 1970 tour throughout the United States. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Grand Funk Railroad/The Byrds/Johnny Winter), this limited edition Steppenwolf classic release will be presented in the original stunning gatefold cover art, not seen in years here since it's first release on LP. John Kay and Steppenwolf continue to be one of the world's finest gifts to the classic rock world. Their powerful songs, their live show, the audience, their musicianship and unparalleled artistry are second to none. Steppenwolf Live proves that now and forever.


  1. Sookie Sookie
  2. Don't Step on the Grass
  3. Tighten Up Your Wig
  4. Monster
  5. Draft Resister
  6. Power Play
  7. Corina, Corina
  8. Twisted
  9. From Here to There Eventually
  10. Hey Lawdy Mama
  11. Magic Carpet Ride
  12. The Pusher
  13. Born to Be Wild