Starchild & New Romantic - Language

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  • Release Date:åÊ3/16/2018
  • Limited edition black/red colored-vinyl

"Bryndon Cook is a hired gun for Solange, Chairlift, and Blood Orange; his debut album is a slick, colorful foray into retro-futurist funk that‰۪s fueled by his keen sense of style.åÊIt‰۪s often through their dialogue with standards that the most distinguished artists are able to find themselves, filtering the things they love through their own unique perspective. The language Starchild uses to express his point of view is still evolving. But with each new entry into his catalog, streaks of brilliance shine through, illuminating a portrait of an artist who deserves a seat at the table." - Matthew Ismael Ruiz, Pitchfork


  1. Language
  2. Mood
  3. Only If U Knew
  4. Hands Off
  5. Hangin On
  6. Black Diamond
  7. Ophelia's Room
  8. Some People I Know
  9. Can I Come Over?
  10. Doubts
  11. Good Stuff
  12. Boys Choir
  13. Lost Boys
  14. Hand To God