Royal Republic - Weekend Man (180G Vinyl)

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Royal Republic specialises in a brand of rock written with the express intent of making hips wiggle and booties shake. The band‰۪s music is infectious and is designed to be picked up and sung back en masse within seconds of first hearing it. Songs such as ‰Û÷When I See You Dance With Another‰۪,å?Û÷Kung-Fu Lovin‰۪‰۪, ‰Û÷Baby!‰۪åÊandå?Û÷Here I Come, There You Go‰۪ are hardly Shakespeare, but then Shakespeare couldn‰۪t lodge a tune inside your head for days.


  1. Here I Come (There You Go)
  2. Walk!
  3. When I See You Dance with Another
  4. People Say That I'm Over the Top
  5. Kung Fu Lovin'
  6. Weekend-Man
  7. My Way
  8. Follow the Sun
  9. Uh Huh
  10. Any Given Sunday
  11. Baby
  12. High Times
  13. American Dream
  14. Getting Along
  15. Playball