Penny & Sparrow - Wendigo

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Wendigo features an artfully arranged collection of 14 songs that combine the literary inspired poignant lyrics of Andy Baxter with the lush arrangements of Kyle Jahnke. Penny & Sparrow's break-through release Let A Lover Drown You (2015) was met with critical acclaim from a wide variety of outlets including NPR Music, Noisey, AmericanSongwriter and Baeble Music. Building on their signature soaring harmonies and introspective lyrics, Penny & Sparrow expand their musical palette both poetically and sonically via their hypnotic arrangements on this album. Baxter delves into themes of love, darkness, urban legends ("Wendigo") and an ambitious trilogy of songs featuring an unusual take on humanizing the Grim Reaper ("Part 1 Visiting", "Part 2 Smitten" and "Part 2 Moniker"). Throughout the album is an underlying theme of unearthing fear, and discovering the unexpected beauty, strength and hope that lies within.


  1. Wendigo
  2. Double Heart
  3. There's a Lot of Us in Here
  4. Salome & Saint Procula
  5. Visiting, Pt. 1
  6. Smitten, Pt. 2
  7. Kin
  8. A Kind of Hunger
  9. Well You Know It Ends Well
  10. Javert
  11. Moniker, Pt. 3
  12. Rivertown
  13. Let Me Be Crucial
  14. The Carmike