Nothing More - The Stories We Tell Ourselves (Ltd. Ed. 180G, 2XLP)

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  • Gatefold LP Jacket
  • 180 Gram Audiophile Pressing
  • 2XLP
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With The Stories We Tell Ourselves, San Antonio, TX alternative rockers Nothing More's sixth album overall and first since their self-titled 2013 effort, the band sets the bar even higher for cutting-edge rock music. Lead single "Go To War," showcases singer Jonny Hawkins' dynamic vocal range over a mix of electronic and organic instrumentation. "Trust is the foundation of every relationship," Hawkins explains. "As trust erodes, our need for control grows. 'Go To War' is about how we circle the problem, unknowingly spinning the web tighter. If you circle enough, it becomes a spiral. If you spiral enough, it becomes a war." For fans of Papa Roach, As Lions, Like A Storm, Shaman's Harvest, Aranda, Devour The Day, Sanit Asonia and Through Fire.


  1. Ambition / Destruction
  2. Do You Really Want It
  3. Convict / Divide
  4. Let 'em Burn
  5. Ripping Me Apart
  6. Don't Stop
  7. Funny Little Creatures
  8. React / Respond
  9. The Great Divorce
  10. Still In Love
  11. Alone / Together
  12. Go To War
  13. Just Say When
  14. Accept / Disconnect
  15. Who We Are
  16. Tunnels
  17. End / Begin
  18. Fade In / Fade Out