Nahko - My Name Is Bear

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New album from Nahko, his first solo album under his name. Nahko has built a rabid grass-roots fan base performing with his band Medicine for the People. First single "Dragonfly" will be released on 9/11, with a video to follow.


  1. Dragonfly
  2. The Vow (Interlude)
  3. Be Here Now
  4. Goodnight, Sun
  5. Too Much Kerouac (Interlude)
  6. Kirby, Joe
  7. Susanna
  8. Bearly Thoughts (Interlude)
  9. Sing Him of My Revelations
  10. Hamakua
  11. Call Him by His Name
  12. Early February
  13. Stoned on a Stone (Interlude)
  14. Creation's Daughter
  15. Alice
  16. Die Like Dinoz