Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

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2018 release. Whenever Myles Kennedy raises that unique and bluesy voice of his, he gives us a glimpse at his soul. Whenever he plays guitar, his signature sound, showcasing influences such as Jimmy Page and John Sykes, melt into a timeless and nuanced amalgamut. Next to the landmark releases Myles created with Slash and Alter Bridge, the exceptional singer has quietly busied himself with working on his solo debut. A piece his gigantic fan base has demanded loudly for years and years is now made flesh in form of Year Of The Tiger - an album that also gives Myles Kennedy the opportunity to process his father's death and is therefore his most personal and emotionally challenging record yet. Tracks like 'Love Can Only Heal' will suck the breath out of your lungs with their raw intensity, wrapping you in soaring guitar cascades. 'Blind Faith' thrives on melancholic Americana, and frenzied uptempo blues marks 'Devil On The Wall'. Anthemic spirit, fragile melodies and gritty acoustic guitars don't turn Year Of The Tiger into a sad goodbye, but into a celebration of survival and life in all it's facets.


  1. The Great Beyond
  2. Blind Faith
  3. Devil on the Wall
  4. Ghost of Shangri la
  5. Turning Stones
  6. Haunted By Design
  7. Mother
  8. Nothing But a Name
  9. Love Can Only Heal
  10. Songbird
  11. One Fine Day