Maxwell - MTV Unplugged E.P. [Import]

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The very fact that Maxwell performed on MTV Unplugged indicates that he is more ambitious than the average urban soulster, and that suspicion is confirmed by his covers of Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" and Nine Inch Nail' "Closer" on the program. Both songs, as well as a selection of songs from his debut, Urban Hang Suite, are showcased on the EP MTV Unplugged, which illustrates that he is a skilled, subtle vocalist capable of more nuance than the majority of his contemporaries. As a result, MTV Unplugged E.P., with its soaring vocalists and sexy, sinewy rhythms, only whets the appetite for his second full-length album. AllMusic Review by  

Vinyl Street Date - 8/31/2010


  1. The Suite Urban Theme (The Hush)
  2. Mello: Sumthin' (The Hush)
  3. The Lady Suite
  4. This Woman's Work
  5. Whenever Wherever Whatever
  6. Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
  7. Gotta Get: Closer
  8. Til the Cops Come Knockin'