Matt Mays - Once Upon A Hell Of A Time(Ltd. Ed. clear vinyl) - Member Exclusive

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  • Ltd. Ed. clear vinyl
  • November 2017 Rock Record of the Month
  • Gatefold packaging

It's been one hell of a wait for rocker Matt Mays' new album Once Upon a Hell of a Time, and it was well worth it, making this a perfect pick for our November (Rock) Record of the Month.

Once Upon a Hell of a Time is a great rock and roll record. While many of Matt's colleagues have begun to add more pop influences to their work, Mays has immersed himself in the classic rock stars of yesteryear.  Tracks like “NYC Girls” and “Faint of Heart” are begging to be played in front of thousands of adoring fans.

The new record was co-produced by Mays and Loel Campbell at an array of locations, including California and New York, as well as British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Later this week, the first four songs to be unveiled will be "Faint of Heart," "Ola Volo," "Sentimental Sins" and "Station Out of Range."

"The full album has a pretty strong theme or feeling and I wanted that to come across right away," Mays said in a statement. "This is party rock for the heartbroken. And you can't leave a party short of tunes, or better yet, you can't leave the sad and lonely folks with just one song to cry to. So, why just release one song when you can leak four?"


1. Trust Life
2. Sentimental Sins
3. Faint Of Heart
4. Drive On
5. Howl At The Night
6. NYC Girls
7. Dark Promises
8. Perfectly Wasted
9. Drunken Angels
10. Ola Volo
11. 78's, 33's & 45's
12. Station Out Of Range
13. Never Say Never