Lissie - Castles

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2018 release, the fourth album from the singer/songwriter. A powerful combination of heartfelt introspection and contemporary dream-pop, Lissie's Castles marks the return of a singular voice in the modern American scene. Includes 'Blood And Muscle'. Stripped back to one voice and it's simple, yet poignant piano accompaniment, 'Blood And Muscle' allows Lissie's vocals to soar, as she summons the strength to laugh at the dark. 'Blood And Muscle' serves as a perfect distillation of the spirit of self-determination that courses through all of Castles. No longer willing to stand back and cede her power to others, Lissie is unafraid to finally, and boldly state her dreams and desires: I want a love that's made of blood and muscle.


  1. World Away
  2. Crazy Girl
  3. Castles
  4. Blood & Muscle
  5. Best Days
  6. Feels Good
  7. Boyfriend
  8. Somewhere
  9. Love Blows
  10. What Am I Gonna Do
  11. Peace
  12. Sand
  13. Meet Me in the Mystery