Judah & the Lion - Pep Talks (Colored Vinyl)

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  • Limited Edition Colored Vinyl
  • Release Date: 5/3/2019

Judah & the Lion return with their third album, Pep Talks, following their widely successful Folk Hop n' Roll and their breakout hit, "Take It All Back." The album is a mature step for the band, and blends uplifting, powerful anthems with more contemplative and emotional tracks. The album includes "Over my head" and "Quarter-Life Crisis" and features Kacey Musgraves and Jon Bellion.


  1. Pep Talk
  2. Quarter-Life Crisis
  3. Why Did You Run?
  4. I'm Ok
  5. Pictures (Feat. Kacey Musgraves)
  6. Over My Head
  7. Queen Songs / Human
  8. Don't Mess with My Mama
  9. 7000X
  10. Alright (Frick It!)
  11. Goofballerz
  12. Joyboy
  13. Passion Fashion (Feat. Jon Bellion)
  14. Dance with Ya
  15. Family / Best Is Yet to Come
  16. Sportz
  17. 17