Janes Addiction - Nothing's Shocking

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  • Rhino Records' Rocktober Reissue
  • Limited edition clear-colored vinyl

Jane's Addiction released their sophomore album, and first Warner Bros., Nothing's Shocking, in 1988. They thought Led Zeppelin were a funk band, and when they learned this was not true, they carried on anyway. On tracks like "Mountain Song," Jane's major-label debut rewrites pre-Nirvana rock history, reconciling punk and metal with shredding riffs on oceanic songs. And they even had a hit ballad with "Jane Says." -Rolling Stone


  1. Up The Beach
  2. Ocean Size
  3. Had A Dad
  4. Ted, Just Admit It...-.... LP Version
  5. Standing In The Shower...Thinking
  6. Summertime Rolls
  7. Mountain Song
  8. Idiots Rule
  9. Jane Says
  10. Thank You Boys
  11. Pigs In Zen