James Vincent McMorrow - True Care

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True Care is the 2017 studio album from Irish singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow, and comes closely on the heels of James' critically acclaimed September 2016 album We Move. McMorrow's debut album, Early in the Morning, was released in Ireland in February 2010, and in the United States and Europe in 2011, to widespread acclaim. In 2014, he released his second album, Post Tropical. In 2015, he composed a film score for the short, Martha, directed by Sam Benenati. His next album, We Move, was a shift in McMorrow's style towards more R&B-tinged sounds. "I had a vision for this album. Itæ_s a simple one. It was about trying to find those simple markers for truth and care, to try and find a place where I could understand what it means to love and to be loved..." - JVM.


  1. December 2914
  2. True Care
  3. National
  4. Thank You
  5. Interlude No. 1
  6. Constellations
  7. Holding On
  8. Bears
  9. Pink Salt Lake
  10. Interlude No. 2
  11. Bend Your Knees
  12. Change Of Heart
  13. Glad It's Raining
  14. Don't Wait Forever
  15. Outro