Highly Suspect - The Boy Who Died Wolf (Ltd. Ed. Blue - Spec Vinyl)

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  • Limited edition opaque blue-speckled vinyl
  • Song Booklet included
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The Boy Who Died Wolf, released Nov 18, 2016, is Highly Suspect's sophomore album. With its name inspired by lead singer Johnny Stevens' hard upbringing in Cape Cod, this album strays from their previous album's (Mister Asylum, 2015) more linear style in exchange for a diverse musical palette of anywhere to punk, rap, and even spoken word.


  1. My Name Is Human
  2. Look Alive, Stay Alive
  3. Little One
  4. For Billy
  5. Serotonia
  6. Postres
  7. Send Me An Angel
  8. Viper Strike
  9. F.W.Y.T.
  10. Chicago
  11. Wolf