Golden Smog - Down By The Old Mainstream (Ltd. Ed. 180G Color Vinyl)

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  • Limited Edition Color Vinyl
  • 180 Gram Audiophile Pressing
  • Gatefold packaging

Made by a sloppy bunch of midwesterners with names like Jarret Decatur, Raymond Virginia, and Leonardson Saratoga (better known to us as the Jayhawks' Gary Louris and Mark Perlman, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Soul Asylum's Dan Murphy, and a couple of their friends), Down by the Old Mainstream is like a piece of pecan pie, both literally and figuratively. Literally because, well, the CD design looks like a pecan pie. Figuratively because more than a dozen slices of wholesome goodness are packed inside--a little messy and syrupy at times, but altogether filled with the comforts of home. It's best not to question why guys from successful rock bands--roots, country, and mainstream--would get together ad hoc, apparently to make a record none could make in their main gigs, and then fill it with the same kind of roots, country, and mainstream rock songs we've heard from them all along. Sure enough, Golden Smog sounds a lot like the Jayhawks on Louris's "V," like Wilco on Tweedy's "Walk Where He Walked," and like Soul Asylum on Murphy's "Red Headed Stepchild." Still, there's a joy, looseness, and conviviality that comes across in songs like "He's a Dick" and "Pecan Pie" that only Down By's brand of stress-free anonymity and lack of purpose could produce. What Golden Smog misses in factory polish, it makes up for in homemade warmth--just like the goodies Grandma used to make. --Roni Sarig


  1. V
  2. Ill Fated
  3. Pecan Pie
  4. Yesterday Cried
  5. Glad And Sorry
  6. Won't Be Coming Home
  7. He's A Dick
  8. Walk Where He Walked
  9. Nowhere Bound
  10. Friend
  11. She Don't Have To See You
  12. Red Headed Stepchild
  13. Williamton Angel
  14. Radio King