Damon Johnson - Memoirs Of An Uprising (Ltd. Ed. Autographed Red Vinyl) - MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE

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  • Limited Edition Red Vinyl
  • Autographed by Damon Johnson
  • April 2019 Discover Record of the Month
  • Ships between 3/31 - 4/3

New release from Damon Johnson, founder of 90's southern rockers Brother Cane, and member of Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, Alice Cooper, and more!


  1. Shivering Shivering
  2. Dallas Coulda Been A Beatdown
  3. Down On Me
  4. We Got A System
  5. Call It A Trade
  6. Rage With Me
  7. So Brutal
  8. The World Keeps Spinning Round
  9. Making Peace With This Wicked Beast
  10. Glorious