Cris Jacobs - Colors Where You Are (Ltd. Ed. Splatter Vinyl) - MEMBER EXCLUSIVE

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  • May 2019 Discover Record of the Month
  • Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl
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When Cris Jacobs began dreaming about a follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2016 album Dust to Gold, he realized early on he'd have to do things differently this time around.

"This record brought about a new discipline for me and a new level of focus that I think brought out the best work," he explains. Color Where You Are is a Tom Petty-inspired arrangement with an off-kilter, syncopated groove. For the first time, Jacobs wrote the bulk of the album's songs in the studio, camping out at Richmond's Montrose Studios to flesh out "germs and ideas that had been floating around" with band members Todd Herrington (bass), Dusty Ray Simmons (drums/percussion) and Jonathan Sloane (guitar).


  1. Painted Roads
  2. Under the Big Top
  3. Buffalo Girl
  4. Afterglow
  5. We'll Act like Strangers
  6. Rooster Coop
  7. Holler and Hum
  8. Ghosts of Evangeline
  9. Night Birds
  10. Hold Close These Things