Cold War Kids - New Age Norms 1 (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl) - MEMBER EXCLUSIVE

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  • November 2019 Rock Record of the Month
  • Limited Edition White Vinyl
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Over their career, Cold War Kids have fielded music's seismic shifts while simultaneously sticking to their own game plan. Over the course of a dozen releases - including seven studio albums, multiple EPs, and a live album on majors and indies alike, non-stop tours and the festival circuit's biggest stages, massive radio, sales & streaming successes, the band have become a major part of the modern landscape. Their album New Age Norms 1, with lead single "Complainer" is the next chapter with the approach of taking apart the idea of what the band is and just trying to take the doors off a bit to see where it can go.


  1. Complainer
  2. Fine Fine Fine
  3. Waiting for Your Love
  4. Beyond the Pale
  5. Dirt in My Eyes
  6. 4th of July
  7. Calm Your Nerves
  8. Tricky Devil