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The Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast launched in 2018 as a way present and discuss the albums in the Record of the Month program at the Blind Tiger Record Club. Over the years, as both the podcast and the record club has grown and developed, the Podcast has gone through many changes.

Through the years, the episode format and topics have expanded and changed. The primary focus has always been on all the albums in the Record of the Month program at B.T.R.C., but the albums discussed on various episodes began to include the Spotlight Albums, New Store Additions, Headbangers, and the LP Interview segments with guest artists and producers.

In the summer of 2020, The Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast joined the special programming lineup of WRLT, 100.1 MHz (Lightning 100) - an adult album alternative-formatted FM radio (Triple A) station in Nashville, Tennessee. The show was called, the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast On Air. Between 2020 and 2022, On Air was on the radio every other Monday from 8pm CST - 9PM CST

We are now in Season Five of the B.T.R.C. Podcast with close to 100 episodes recorded.

Show host and B.T.R.C. founder David W. Williams has lead panel discussions on newly released vinyl for five seasons. These panel discussions have included many guests that range from artists, managers, producers, and other members of the music industry in Nashville. Williams has also been joined by several co-host's through five seasons of the podcast. The current cohost is industry veteran Kevin Lee.

The Current episode formats fall in one of these four categories:

1) "The Club Episode" (used to be called the "The Forty Five") - On these episodes we discuss the Records of the Month released each month at We cover one album per episode, so there are four of these shows a month. We have new club episodes almost every Monday depending on the calendar. Because the episodes are album specific, we play several song clips and discuss things ranging from songs, producers, featured guest artists, to many other topics that relate to that specific artists and album. Its a great way to hear new music and learn about the releases.

2) "Spotlight, New Store Additions, and Headbangers" - This episode is once a month and several albums are discussed on each episode.

3) "The LP Interview" - Guest panelists include artists, producers, songwriters, and managers directly related to the creation of a specific album and artist being discussed. While the focus is on the most recently released album from the artist we are discussing, the guest panelist talks about their career and perspective on art, culture, and the creative process of the music. We do take a deeper dive on the current album, but we often look at previous releases as well and really create a linear story of the artists career highlights, paying clips from many previous releases and important milestones from the guest's perspective.

4) "The B-Sides" - Sometimes when we have guest panelists on for the LP Interview segments, we get a lot of extra "talk". When we edit our episodes down, we try to focus the interview on the album we are discussing. Many times, we discuss much more and that is all dropped in the B-Sides.

Each episode digs into a new release, reissue, or influential album from the club or guest panelist perspective. Listen and leave with stories and new perspectives on albums you have heard, and hopefully new music to explore or rediscover. B.T.R.C. champions music from all genres and believes vinyl is king.