The B.T.R.C. Headbangers Podcast launched in 2023 as a way to present and discuss the albums in the B.T.R.C. Headbangers program at the Blind Tiger Record Club. The B.T.R.C. Headbangers program is a separate club at B.T.R.C. that focuses on current Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, and all the many subgenres of this aggressive style of rock.


Show hosts include B.T.R.C. founder David W. Williams and B.T.R.C. Creative Manager Jonathan Hibma. Be sure to check out the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast as well to hear discussions on current vinyl releases in genres covering Singer Songwriter, Rock & Alternative, Jazz Soul & Blues, and Classics.


Each episode will feature an in-depth discussion on the Headbangers album in the current month's program. There is a monthly episode released around the third Monday of the month. We play several song clips and discuss things ranging from song writing, producers, featured guest artists, to many other topics that relate to the specific artists and albums. It's a great way to hear new music and learn about the new and reissued releases.


There will also be occasional LP Interview segments which include guest panelists including artists, producers, songwriters, and managers directly related to the creation of the specific album and artist being discussed. While the focus is on the most recently released album from the artist we are discussing, the guest panelist talks about their career and perspective on art, culture, and the creative process of the music. We do take a deeper dive on the current album, but we often look at previous releases as well and really create a linear story of the artists career highlights, paying clips from many previous releases and important milestones, all told from the guest's perspective.


Each episode of the B.T.R.C. Headbangers Podcast presents a new release, reissue, or influential album from the club's or guest panelist's perspective. Listen and leave with stories and new perspectives on albums you may or may not have heard, and hopefully new music to explore or rediscover. B.T.R.C. champions music from all genres and believes vinyl is king.