Season 2:  LP Interview - American Authors, Seasons with special guest Cason Cooley

Season 2: LP Interview - American Authors, Seasons with special guest Cason Cooley

 April 17, 2019 - 50 minutes


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Producer / Singer Songwriter Cason Cooley joins host David W. Williams and Rudy Newman to discuss the American Authors' new album Seasons.  Cooley was a principle songwriter and producer on the album. 

We play clips from the album, discuss the  American Authors early career.  We dive into lyrics and the song writing process that took place to create the album.  We discuss production and both Cason Cooley and Trent Dabb's role in the making of the album.  We discuss the production process as well as the guest contributors that appear on the album.

If you love records, vinyl, discovering new music, or rediscovering music you already know, this is the podcast for you.
Get To Know The Guest Host Cason Cooley:  IN THE STUDIO, it is not unlikely you will find Cason Cooley experimenting with new sounds, pushing back on boundaries to achieve new levels of creativity. A dynamic combination of producer, engineer, musician, composer, and songwriter, Cooley’s love for music began at young age. Growing up in Wichita, KS, Cooley often traveled across the country with his parents who were a part of the Grammy award winning Southern Gospel group, The Cathedral Quartet. Cooley took the plunge to pursue music on his own in 1997 and moved to Nashville, TN where he soon became a member of the Normals.In 2002, the group disbanded and Cooley began to focus his attention on songwriting and production. 

In the past ten years, Cooley has written and produced artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, including her singles "Girls Chase Boys" and "Hell No," American Authors newest single "Deep Water," Katie Herzig, Ben Rector, David Archuletta and more. His creativity continues to influence and challenge the way music is made.