Wild Pink - A Billion Little Lights

Wild Pink - A Billion Little Lights

  • March 2021 Singer Songwriter Record of the Month
  • Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Vinyl
  • Release Date: 2/19/2021

On Wild Pink's third album and first for Royal Mountain Records, A Billion Little Lights, frontman John Ross explores the dichotomy of finally achieving emotional security - of accepting the love and peace he deprived himself of in his twenties - while also feeling existentially smaller and more directionless than ever before. The record is a two-pronged triumph: an extraordinary reflection on the human condition presented through the sharpest, grandest, and most captivating songs Wild Pink have ever composed.


  • The Wind Was Like a Train
  • Bigger Than Christmas
  • The Shining But Tropical
  • Amalfi
  • Oversharers Anonymous
  • You Can Have It Back
  • Family Friends
  • Track Mud
  • Pacific City
  • Die Outside

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