White Reaper - You Deserve Love + The Hives "I'm Alive" 7"

White Reaper - You Deserve Love + The Hives "I'm Alive" 7"

  • December 2019 Alternative Record of the Month
  • Ships with The Hives I'm Alive 7"
  • Ships between 12/31 - 1/7

Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. Recorded with producer Jay Joyce in Nashville, Tennessee, You Deserve Love marks White Reaper's Elektra Records debut and follows their celebrated 2017 album, The World's Best American Band. The album is a collection of smart, sharply-written songs of doubt, dislocation, and elusive and often complicated love. Reflecting on the album title, vocalist/guitarist Tony Esposito explained that the name for the record came from a note on bassist Sam Wilkerson's phone. "He had written things down he thought might be good album titles, and we were all sitting around at a bar in Nashville after we had just finished recording, vexing about what we were going to call the album." Wilkerson explained, "I started reading them aloud at the bar, and everyone stopped me at You Deserve Love," adding, "I think it's cool, because it's true for everybody. I think it's what everybody needs to hear."


Real Long Time
Hard Luck
Might Be Right
You Deserve Love

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