Trapper Haskins - Blood in the Honey

Trapper Haskins - Blood in the Honey

Musician, writer, boat builder, house carpenter, deckhand and dishwasher, Trapper Haskins has earned his keep in myriad ways since leaving his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee more than 20 years ago. Wandering is in his nature. Haskins once built a wooden boat and rowed it the length of the Mississippi River which he is currently at work writing a book about the experience.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, he released his third studio effort, Blood in the Honey. The album falls toward the darker end of the Americana spectrum ala The Handsome Family, Arlo McKinley, or The Dead Tongues. It is a collection of story-driven songs that intermix autobiography and lore. All told the album includes: 7 deaths, 2 births, and 1 resurrection.

Like the wanderer himself the album also wanders in a introspective, melancholic sway from track to track. "In the Bootheel of Missouri" is a murder ballad framed as a story conversation between two people at a bar after final call. The track "Oh, Saint Dymphna" was written after a nervous breakdown and subsequent hospital visit, the song is a confessional between the narrator and the Saint Dymphna lamenting on deep emotions and mental afflictions.  "I See That Now" injects elements of Soul music as he sings about pawnshops, pills and the following regret.


Side A

  1. Adelaine

  2. In the Bootheel of Missouri

  3. Issaquena County

  4. Oh, Saint Dymphna

  5. I See That Now

Side B

  1. Two Years’ Time

  2. On the Corner of Your Bed

  3. Splittin’ Maul Blues

  4. The Guilty One

  5. Ain’t No Trouble

  6. The Failing Kind