The White Stripes - The White Stripes Greatest Hits

The White Stripes - The White Stripes Greatest Hits

  • January 2021 Rock & Alternative Record of the Month
  • Limited Edition 150 Gram Audiophile Pressing
  • 2XLP

The first-ever official anthology of recordings from the iconic rock duo, Jack and Meg White, is an essential career-spanning collection highlighting 26 previously released songs. From late '90s flashes of brilliance through early 2000s underground anthems, masterful MTV Moon Man moments, Grammy-grabbing greatness, and worldwide stadium chants, the songs here are as wide-ranging as you can imagine. In an era of streaming where the idea of a Greatest Hits album may seem irrelevant that an act's most streamed songs are considered their de facto "hits" we wholeheartedly believe that great bands deserve Greatest Hits and that a large part of Third Man Records and The White Stripes' successes have been built on zigging when the rest of the music business is zagging. Thus, for a great band with great fans, a greatest hits compilation for The White Stripes is not only appropriate, but absolutely necessary.


  • Let's Shake Hands
  • The Big Three Killed My Baby
  • Fell in Love with a Girl
  • Hello Operator
  • I'm Slowly Turning Into You
  • The Hardest Button to Button
  • The Nurse
  • Screwdriver
  • Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  • Death Letter
  • We're Going to Be Friends
  • The Denial Twist
  • I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
  • Astro
  • Conquest
  • Jolene
  • Hotel Yorba
  • Apple Blossom
  • Blue Orchid
  • Ball and Biscuit
  • I Fought Piranhas
  • I Think I Smell a Rat
  • Icky Thump
  • My Doorbell
  • You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
  • Seven Nation Army

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