The Get Up Kids - Problems (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)

The Get Up Kids - Problems (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)


  • June 2019 Rock Record of the Month
  • 180 Gram Audiophile Pressing
  • Limited Edition Blue Vinyl
  • Ships between 6/31 - 7/3

On their new album Problems - their first full-length in eight years - The Get Up Kids examine everything from life-changing loss to loneliness to the inevitable anxiety of existing in 2019. But by sustaining the essence of their sound - anthemic choruses with sing-along-ready melodies - the band highlights those troubles as a shared experience, giving way to an unbreakable solidarity. And at the heart of Problems is an invaluable element the band's embodied since their 1997 debut Four Minute Mile: a penetrating lyricism that's both acutely introspective and indelibly resonant.


  1. Satellite
  2. The Problem Is Me
  3. Salina
  4. Now or Never
  5. Lou Barlow
  6. Fairweather Friends
  7. Common Ground
  8. Waking Up Alone
  9. The Advocate
  10. Symphony of Silence
  11. Brakelines
  12. Your Ghost Is Gone

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