Styx - Pieces of Eight (Ltd. Ed. Gray Vinyl)

Styx - Pieces of Eight (Ltd. Ed. Gray Vinyl)

  • May 2020 Classic Rock Record of the Month
  • Limited Edition Gray Vinyl
  • Only 1,000 copies pressed!
  • Ships between 5/31 - 6/7

PROG-ROCK at it's finest. This is a one-time pressing and only 1,000 units will be released worldwide. 

Styx's feisty, straight-forward brand of album rock is represented best by "Blue Collar Man" from 1978's Pieces of Eight, an invigorating keyboard and guitar rush - hard and heavy, yet curved by Tommy Shaw's emphasized vocals. The classic album also includes "Renegade." Led by the talents of Dennis DeYoung (vocals/keyboards), Tommy Shaw (vocals/guitar), and James J.Y. Young (vocals/guitar), Styx became one of the most successful FM/Arena Rock bands in the U.S. during the latter half of the '70s and into the early '80's. With brothers Chuck (bass/vocals) and John Panozzo (drums), the band ruled the airwaves for a decade before their split in '84. DeYoung's distinct vocals and pop oriented material worked well against Shaw's edgier material, garnering the band important airplay on FM and AM radio stations.


Great White Hope
I'm O.K
Sing for Day
The Message
Lords of the Ring
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
Queen of Spades
Pieces of Eight