Ron Pope - Bone Structure (Ltd. Ed. Autographed Black/White Marble)

Ron Pope - Bone Structure (Ltd. Ed. Autographed Black/White Marble)

  • Limited Edition Black & White Marble Vinyl
  • April 2020 Spotlight Record of the Month
  • Autographed
  • Release Date: 3/6/2020

Bone Structure is not the album Ron Pope originally set out to release. While parenthood has a way of softening hard exteriors and forcing more than a few lifestyle changes, Pope found himself almost unrecognizable after becoming a father in early 2018. Before he found his footing in this extraordinary new reality, a terrifying incident on tour forced him to reckon with his own mortality and consider what it would mean for his newborn daughter if he were to die. He abandoned an album’s worth of recording sessions, no longer satisfied with generalizations and lyrics light on context; soon after, a deluge of deeply personal reflections began pouring through his pen. A change of heart? More like navigating a sea change. 


Flesh of My Flesh
Practice What I Preach
San Miguel
She's Good
Bone Structure
Wait & See
Ducky Groove
Dodge Aries Wagon
My Wildest Dreams
Take The Edge Off
Back Together Again
Legacy Of Sadness

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