Mondo Cozmo - New Medicine

Mondo Cozmo - New Medicine

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  • August 2020 Rock & Alternative Record of the Month
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Mondo Cozmo does not regret putting his fist through that window while crafting his second full-length and first release for Last Gang Records, but the four-hour surgery did suck. Yet, breaking the glass smashed a figurative ceiling. In the aftermath, he learned how to "Say no," departed amicably from the major label system, "taped a f#cking pick to his cast" in order to play guitar, lost feeling in the aforementioned hand for two years, and wrote the rock 'n' roll record he always meant to write. The most rock 'n' roll thing about it isn't the right hook, the guitars, or even the attitude. It's the moment of self-actualization by the Philadelphia-born and Los Angeles-based critically acclaimed alternative troubadour and gutter punk poet.


Black Cadillac [Explicit]
Upside Down
Like a Bird
Come on
Drown in Love
Kicks (Positively Montauk)
It Fills the Room
Cigarette (Age of Innocence)