January 2018 Alternative Record of the Month - Anderson East - Encore

January 2018 Alternative Record of the Month - Anderson East - Encore

Anderson East's Encore is the artist's second release since signing with Elektra Records. His first album, Delilah, was released in 2015 and was produced by Dave Cobb, whose past credits include Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton (to name a few). The debut LP generated East's first AAA singles "Satisfy Me" and "Devil In Me".

For his second record, East once again teamed up with Cobb. He co-wrote with the likes of Chris Stapleton and Ed Sheeran. The result has already produced East's first #1 single at AAA format radio, "All On My Mind". We believe 2018 will be a big year for Anderson East, which is one of the reasons we picked Encore as our Alternative Record of the Month. 

The Nashville-based singer released a video for album opener "King For A Day" in November. We assume this will be the follow up single to "All On My Mind". If it is, it's likely to fast track up the AAA charts. It's full of soul and vocal grit. It reminds us of everything we like about early Joe Cocker. The song "Girlfriend" oozes Hammond organ and horns. Its up tempo and fun but he still nails the vocal. The record is emotional in a way that haunts back to traditional soul singers. Not an easy thing to execute. Cobb's trademark production, like with Stapleton's albums, is clean and really showcases vocal talent. BTRC is excited to present this record to our subscribers and cant wait to see (and hear) all that's coming from Anderson East. Check out the track listing (and songwriters) below...

Encore track listing (and songwriters):

1. "King For a Day" (Anderson East, Chris Stapleton, Morgane Stapleton)
2. "This Too Shall Last" (Anderson East, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere) 
3. "House Is a Building" (Anderson East, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere) 
4. "Sorry You're Sick" (Ted Hawkins) 
5. "If You Keep Leaving Me" (Anderson East, Chris Stapleton, Aaron Raitiere) 
6. "Girlfriend" (Anderson East, Dave Cobb, Aaron Raitiere, Tim Bergling) 
7. "Surrender" (Anderson East, Aaron Raitiere, Adam Hood) 
8. "All on My Mind" (Anderson East, Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Aaron Raitiere
9. "Without You" (Anderson East, Steve McEwan) 
10. "Somebody Pick Up My Pieces" (Willie Nelson) 
11. "Cabinet Door" (Anderson East, Jillia Jackson)

What People Are Saying About Encore:

There is no blueprint for success in the music business, especially for new acts. But someone forgot to tell Anderson East.

To East’s credit, he doesn’t sell-out by going pop or bringing trendy influences into his music on this highly anticipated follow-up. Rather he and Cobb double down to sling out 11 soul/rock burners.

While it doesn’t hurt to have Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran or Natalie Hemby around as co-writers, and Cobb ramping the production flourishes to include strings and horns, this remains a sharp, soul-drenched, organically based set that solidifies the R&B roots at the heart of East’s talents. Songs such as the emotional Otis Redding-inspired ballad “If You Keep Leaving Me” and the opening Van Morrison inflected single “King For A Day” chug along on Cobb’s typically clean production and uncluttered arrangements that feel natural and spontaneous. 

East taps Willie Nelson for a stirring, spiritually enhanced version of his relatively obscure, bluesy “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces” and digs even deeper to unearth Ted Hawkins’ “Sorry You’re Sick,” pumped up to party proportions with a full band enhancing the original’s stark guitar and voice. Songs such as the pounding “Surrender” and “Girlfriend” are made to be blasted from car radios, and sumptuous strings add to the sensual sex exuding from “All On My Mind.” The songs are terrific, East sells them with his gritty, committed vocals and “Encore” is poised to push the talented singer-songwriter over the top and into the mainstream.

Written By Hal Horowitz for American Songwriter