February 2018 Singer Songwriter Record of the Month - Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores

February 2018 Singer Songwriter Record of the Month - Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores

Blind Tiger Record Club’s Singer Songwriter Record of the Month - Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores

If you didn't already know of Glen Hansard before he burst onto the international scene with 2007's Academy Award winning Once, then, you had a lot to dig into.  Along with his six albums with The Frames (he released a seventh in 2015), he had already released his first project with Czech singer Maketa Irglova the self titled The Swell Season.  That first album produced the smash hit "Falling Slowly" which was the Oscar winning song from Once.  With the release of that song, and the success of the film, the world was introduced to one of the most earnest, compelling, voices of the new century. 

Since this breakthrough, the Irish singer songwriter has released and toured a second The Swell Season album and three solo album; the third being this months B.T.R.C. Singer Songwriter Record of the Month for February.

The album is titled Between Two Shores and represents the midpoint in a sea voyage where no land can be seen.  The journeyman must accept the fact that as much as he may fear going forward, there is no turning back.  That explanation on the album's title should tell you that this is once again a collection of deeply powerful and introspective songs.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2013, Hansard said that much of this album was drafted in rough form in 2012 when he was touring his first solo album, Rhythm And  Response.  He went into Wlco's Loft studio in Chicago and started laying down the demos.  They had so much material, they could fill an album.  The songs were not used, however, and he went a different direction with his second album, 2015's Didn't He Ramble. 

Last year, they revisited the tracks cut in 2013.  He felt they needed a lot of work, but the framework was there.  He produced this album himself, for the first time.  If you are already a fan of Glen Hansard (or any of his other entities; he celebrated 25 year with the Frames in 2015), then this album will be one of your favorites.  Since Hansard produced it himself, its more GLEN.  If this is the first thing you are hearing by him, then I cant think of a better place to start.  Check out the tracks "Time Will Be The Healer", "Wheels On Fire", "Why Women" and "Wreckless Heart". 
1 Roll on Slow
2 Why Woman
3 Wheels on Fire
4 Wreckless Heart
5 Movin' on
6 Setting Forth
7 Lucky Man
8 One of Us Must Lose
9 Your Heart's Not in It
10 Time Will Be the Healer