February 2018 Alternative Record of the Month - Moon Taxi - Let The Record Play

February 2018 Alternative Record of the Month - Moon Taxi - Let The Record Play

Blind Tiger Record Club’s Alternative Record of the Month - Moon Taxi - Let The Record Play

B.T.R.C. is excited to see a local band make our Record of the Month pick for February.  Moon taxi is from Nashville, TN and formed while all the members were students at Belmont University in 2006.  They floated around Nashville finishing school and putting out four independent studio records (Melodica, Cabaret, Mountains Beaches Cities, and Daybreaker) before signing with RCA Records in 2017.  They only signed in September, so Let The Record Play is the bands first label backed release.

The bands first single, "Two High", went to #3 on Billboard Triple A and #19 on Billboard Alternative.  They actually released this single to radio before signing with RCA and it created so much buzz for the band that they had to delay the album's release and RCA picked up the record.  There are multiple choices for next singles on this album, so it will be interesting to see what the next release will be.

The band was so serious about loading the entire album with good songs that they named the album Let The Music Play because they want you to do just that; let it play.  Some highlights on the record, other then it's first single, are the reggae infused "Let The Record Play", and the pop laced "Good as Gold".  One of the strongest songs on the record is the last track, "The Way". 

Even though Moon Taxi has been hard at work for the last 10 years, touring and recording, they are truly at the beginning of their journey.  They are hitting the road this spring and you can even catch them at major festivals like Bonnaroo this summer.


1 Let the Record Play
2 Not Too Late
3 Good As Gold
4 Two High
5 No More Worry
6 Moving to the City
7 Nothing Can Keep Us Apart
8 Keep Me Coming
9 Trouble
10 The Way

What critics are saying about Let The Music Play

I confidently give Moon Taxi a fresh 10 out of 10. If you’re ready for the first complete album of 2018 or you’re looking for a project that you can let play without skipping a track, Moon Taxi has delivered that and more with Let The Record Play. - John J. for The Peach Review - Moon Taxi delivers big with their fifth studio album ‘Let The Record Play’