December 2017 Alternative ROTM - Dirty Heads - Swim Team

December 2017 Alternative ROTM - Dirty Heads - Swim Team

Swim Team is the sixth studio album from Huntington Beach, California-based Dirty Heads. The guest list of collaborators is diverse and includes 311 guitarist and singer Nick Hexum, Rome (Sublime w/Rome) and writing/production duo HEAVY(Andrew McMahon). What really makes this album stand out isn't the collaborations (as good as they are), but the move towards a more commercial mainstream sound. It's still heavily infused by a unique mixture of reggae, rap, alternative rock and pop, but blended together in a production style that makes it more digestible for a larger audience. "Vacationcharted top 15 this fall at alternative format radio as a result.

1 Staloney
2 High Tea
3 Mad at It
4 Vacation
5 Celebrate
6 Diamonds and Pearls
7 Get Somewhere
8 So Glad You Made It
9 God Damn Liar
10 Lonely
11 West Coast


What People are saying about Swim Team...

"The sixth LP from the Californian quintet, Swim Team is like a party at a friend’s house. It starts out with “Staloney”, a head-boppin’, tongue-in-cheek note to the unexpected nature of your friendship. “High Tea” (featuring Jordan Miller) is up next with a ditzy blonde tone to remind you this is the friend that doesn’t handle stress well.

“So Glad You Made It (feat. Nick Hexum),” “Mad At It” and “Vacation” enter the mix, highlighting the welcoming, easy-going nature of your host while “Celebrate (feat. The Unlikely Candidates)” gives witness to all of the emotions bubbling just below that laid-back surface.

Things get interesting with “Visions” and “Lonely For Me.” Maybe there is more to this friendship than just being chums?? “God Damn Liar” reveals an unforgiving and angry side and “West Coast” is an unapologetic ultimatum to accept them for who they are.

Frontman Jared Watson stated, “We spent every day not only working on songs, but laughing our asses off.” Those good feelings are reflected in the lyrics, the melodies and the hip-shakin’ rhythms. The serious moments give weight to the friendship and remind us of why we like hanging out with Dirty Heads so much. As a reflection of the band that created it, Swim Team is just fun."
Lori Cox, Shockwave Magazine, "Dirty Heads: Swim Team LP"

"Following the success of their 2016 eponymous effort, Dirty Heads return with their sixth studio album, 2017's Swim Team. Once again, the album showcases the Huntington Beach, California-based outfit's laid-back, cross-pollinated brand of reggae, rap, and pop. Spotlighted on the album are the singles "Vacation" and "Staloney." Also included is the track "So Glad You Made It," featuring 311's Nick Hexum."
Matt Collar, AllMusic, "Dirty Heads - Swim Team"