Daniel Romano - Finally Free (Ltd. Ed. green/red vinyl)

Daniel Romano - Finally Free (Ltd. Ed. green/red vinyl)

  • Ltd. Ed. green/red vinyl

"Finally Free is a lucid plea. It is a final apology and an attempt at the unwarranted reconciliation between us and everything in our path (including ourselves). It is an exploration of how to cope with the certain end created by our own hand. And/Or, it is the enlightenment of change and the promise of all possibilities in all circumstance. The celebration of all things mystical and unknown. Accepting the unknown with grace and humility, one can illuminate in spirit and trudge forward through the remaining landscape. Maybe even see it's beauty for the first time." - Daniel Romano


Empty Husk
All the Reaching Trims
The long Mirror of Time
Celestial Manis
Between the Blades of Grass
Rhythmic Blood
Have You Arrival
Gleaming Sects of Aniram
There is Beauty in the Vibrant Form

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