Ceelo Green - Ceelo Green is Thomas Callaway

Ceelo Green - Ceelo Green is Thomas Callaway

  • September 2020 Jazz Soul & Blues Record of the Month
  • Produced By Dan Auerbach

The sixth solo studio album by Ceelo Green. The album was produced by Dan Auerbach and recorded at his Easy Eye Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The title imparts an intent to humanize an artist whose outsized persona, displayed boldly as ever in 2020 on the British version of The Masked Singer, has sometimes overshadowed his music. 


  1. For You
  2. Little Mama
  3. Don't Lie
  4. I Wonder How Love Feels
  5. People Watching
  6. You Gotta Do It All
  7. Slow Down
  8. Down with the Sun
  9. Thinking Out Loud
  10. The Way

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