April Alternative Record of the Month - Editors - Violence

April Alternative Record of the Month - Editors - Violence

Incorporating and blending heavier electronic elements into their newest album, Violence, Editors' sought the help of Blanck Mass aka Benjamin John Power. The results speak for themselves. Swelling, guitar-driven choruses are surrounded by synths and samples at each refrain.

Programmed drums pulse throughout title track "Violence", creating a tense feeling that slowly subsides with second half standouts "No Sound but the Wind" and "Counting Spooks". "Darkness at the Door" and "Nothingness" are pop anthems that'll stay with you long after listening. Arguably the best song on the album, "Magazine" was originally written for Editors' fourth record The Weight of Your Love, but was shelved when guitarist Chris Urbanowicz quit and the band nearly broke up. 

Violence received a warm reception upon release, especially overseas, topping the Belgian Albums chart and reaching no. 6 on UK Albums. 


We've chosen Violence as our Alternative Record of the Month for April. It's a great listen from top to bottom, showcasing the band's ability to overcome and remain relevant in the rock landscape of today. The album is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and comes with a digital download. 



What critics are saying about Violence

While the title track and ‘Belong’ also simmer with a caustic but expansive electro pulse, it’s not all dark and mechanical – there’s equally as much humanity and light. ‘Cold’ is a U2-worthy triumph, begging for fields of swaying arms and lighters aloft, while ‘Darkness At The Door’ is the closest Editors have and probably will ever come to an ‘80s power ballad – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Andrew Trendell - NME"Editors - 'Violence' Review"