(Alternative) Record of the Month - Dec. 2017

(Alternative) Record of the Month - Dec. 2017

Dirty Heads - Swim Team 

  • Gorgeous Red Vinyl
  • Released on 11/24/17

Music thrives on freedom. Without boundaries or blueprints, songs not only come to life, but last for a very long time to come. Dirty Heads' sixth full-length offering, Swim Team, finds the group at it's most free. The Orange County, CA quintet traffic between alternative, hip-hop, reggae, and rock here with the same spirit and spark that's powered them since the beginning. As a result, the hooks naturally became bigger, the experimentation got bolder, and the smoke blazed brighter. Dirty Heads handpicked a team of collaborators for the album including Jonas Jeberg (Demi Lovato, Juicy J, Jason Derulo), "Lay Me Down" partner-in-crime Rome (Enrique Iglesias) of Sublime with Rome, Blueprint (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Eminem, Nas, Prodigy), Oren Yoel (Miley Cyrus, Kanye West), Heavy (Andrew McMahon), and The Score.


  1. Staloney
  2. High Tea
  3. Mad at It
  4. Vacation
  5. Celebrate
  6. Diamonds and Pearls
  7. Get Somewhere
  8. So Glad You Made It
  9. God Damn Liar
  10. Lonely
  11. West Coast


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