The White Buffalo - Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights

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  • October 2017 - (Singer/Songwriter) Record of the Month

The White Buffalo has released Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights, the sixth album from LA-based songwriter Jake Smith, and the most hard-hitting record of his career. Stripped-down folk. Electrified swamp-soul. Heartland rock. Bluesy boogie-woogie. It's all here, tied together by the super-sized vocals and articulate songwriting of a bandleader whose work is sometimes moody, sometimes menacing, but always melodic.


  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Avalon
  3. Robbery
  4. The Observatory
  5. Madam's Soft, Madam's Sweet
  6. Nightstalker Blues
  7. If I Lost My Eyes
  8. Border Town / Bury Me In Baja
  9. The Heart and Soul Of The Night
  10. I Am The Moon